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Welcome to our homepage, here you'll find everything you need to know regarding our towing services in Las Cruces. Overall, towing has become something that is not what it used to be, gone are the days of overpaying for a simple tow. The Las Cruces Towing Company has strived to become a premium alternative to its counterparts for the people in New Mexico.

We’ve done this by creating a high level towing service that is cheaper and more effective than ever before. Our main goal when we started this business was to modulate our service offering, so that we could provide only what is actually needed by our customers.

Traditionally, many towing service providers will charge their customers a generic fee for one thing, a tow. We’ve developed a towing service that is much more fair, and tailors itself to what our customers really need more. Give us a call to see how we’re 12x more comprehensive than our competition.

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Local Towing (Las Cruces and SW New Mexico), Long Distance Towing (I-10, I-25, and Highway 70), Collision, Battery Jumps, Wrecker Services, Light Duty Towing (useful for regular cars, trucks, and motorcycles), Medium Duty Towing, Heavy Duty Towing, and Extreme Heavy Duty Towing as well. We understand that you may want to read more about us before making a final decision, so you may request a free quote or give us a call with no obligation below.

What separates us from the others?

We've worked hard to be the best at one thing, and that's towing.

Having such insight into the industry, we've come to the conclusion that many towing companies actually are not willing to evolve and adapt to what is best for their customers. So we've decided to capitalize on this and release some of the most competitive programs that the marketplace has to offer. We did this by asking all of our past customers some of the best ways we can improve the quality of our towing service, and what they would love to see from a towing company but have not seen or is not currently available.

Here are some of the programs that we've developed based on our extensive studies:

  • We’ve optimized our drivers routes so that we always have someone close by the areas where people break down most, resulting in an average show up time of 14.54 minutes because of increased yet controlled probability.

  • We adhere to the highest standard of ethics, providing our customers with only what is actually needed in an emergency situation. This means that we will not force you to pay for a tow when all you need is gas or a jump. This results in a truly tailored experience, allowing our customers to know that they're certainly getting the services they need, while never getting taken advantage of.

  • We've developed a "No Damage, Scratch, or Dent Guarantee Policy", because we want our customers to work with us without having to endure the stress associated with a careless driver damaging their vehicle.

  • Safety is very important to us, so we've set new requirements that background checks are performed periodically for all drivers, rather than one time upon hire. Industry standard is that most tow truck companies will do one single background check, if at all. 😊

Thinking about moving forward?

The team at Las Cruces Towing Company would greatly appreciate the opportunity to prove to you our high level experience in the towing industry. We understand what your towing needs are to a science, and as you may not need our services at this very moment, we hope to win your business in the near future.

Towing Service & Roadside Assistance in Las Cruces New Mexico

Fast services and quick response times are important, but what about safety?

All of our drivers are uniformed professionals that specialize in what they do. We provide our drivers with premium level insurance, perform intensive background checks periodically, and undergo high level training programs to keep them sharp when it comes to towing your important belongings.

CDL - Licensing

When you're in the market for a towing service provider, it's very important to take into account how often they perform background checks with their tow truck drivers and whether or not they require their drivers to have a CDL. As you would probably imagine, It's better to work with a towing professional rather than some random john doe that's unqualified to get the job done.

Tow Truck Driver's Training and Education

If you take a look at how a towing company trains their drivers, you'll see what kind of services you're going to end up with generally speaking. This is why we would recommend taking a look at some of their drivers education and training guides before deciding on which towing company to move forward with. A towing company that is serious about providing a quality service and winning your business will usually post training content and education pieces on their website. This is done to show you what kind of "towing" you're getting essentially.

All of our tow truck drivers are certified with the state of New Mexico, providing tow truck services all along Las Cruces New Mexico and SW New Mexico.

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Cities we serve: Las Cruces and the surrounding areas

Zip Codes we serve: 88001, 88003, 88004, 88005, 88006, 88007, 88011, 88012, 88013