What is a "No Damage Guarantee Policy"?

March 08, 2020

By: Hannah Usey

Have you ever had a bad experience with a towing company?

It's definitely not a rare occurrence for people to break down or run out of gas, and end up getting their vehicle damaged by a tow truck company. As upsetting as it is, many tow companies in Las Cruces will not make an attempt to repair or pay for the damages to your vehicle considering the new tow truck policies, but rather deny that they did any damage at all.

As time goes on, we've noticed that this is actually a true problem in the industry and no one is actively working to fix it. It seems as if it would make more sense to have an action plan for notable problems as such. So that's exactly what we did at the Las Cruces Towing Company.

We started by asking all of our previous customers in the south west New Mexico area how we can pursue this problem and in what ways we can make the overall customer experience more appealing, while also reducing the amount of stress that comes with breaking down, running out of gas, or getting a flat tire. Most tow companies never pursue such solution, because they carry out the same process daily, not understanding that this is something new and stressful for the customer that needs a tow in Las Cruces.

Having conducted the study, market research, and customer surveys, we found that many of them would like to know that their vehicle and valuable belongings are "guaranteed" to remain safe in the hands of the towing business. This was a common concern for many of the people that we surveyed, so among many other programs, we decided to develop a policy that would do exactly what our customers and prospective customers placed value on.

We've developed a "No Damage, Scratch, or Dent Guarantee Policy", because we want our customers and potential customers to be able to work with us, without having to endure the commonly found stress associated with a careless tow truck driver damaging their vehicle when they need a tow service.

If you like what you see, and you need to work with a towing company that truly cares about your experience, you may request a free quote from us. Any sort of transportation or roadside assistance quotes in Las Cruces can be found by giving us a call at (505) 557-2785.